Wednesday, October 01, 2008

We shouldn't forget about the US Attorney firings. Eugene Robinson has a good article in the Washington Post today.

Here's a highlight:

The people who have been running our government for the past eight years have nothing but contempt for government. They believe only in politics and ideology, in that order. First, win elections by any means necessary. Second, once in a position to act in the public good, govern with the ideological conviction that government is either irrelevant or harmful to the public interest.

That's pretty strong stuff coming from the pages of the Washington Post. While Robinson touches upon the firing of David Iglesias, former U.S. Attorney for New Mexico being related to his unwillingness to pursue 'voter fraud' cases, he fails to make the connection between this firing and the Republican tactic of referring to caging, voter roll purges and other electoral malfeasance as being done in the name of combating 'voter fraud'. There is no 'voter fraud' there. What there is is a U.S. Attorney that is not going to rubber stamp or pursue GOP efforts at disenfranchising likely Democratic voters.

Go here - I'm sure Brad has something about it: Basically the U.S. Attorney firings were largely done to remove impediments to the fucking with of elections. Excuse my stumbling prose - after all it IS high treason we are talking about!


Blogger Andy said...

There IS voter fraud, it's just not from the side being accused of it. This is the standard Republican philosophy, accuse the other side of what you are actually doing (that's how we know what Republicans are up to). It's also why they name things the opposite of what they really are, like "the clean air act" and "no child left behind." As Stephen Colbert once said, "these aren't just words, they're phrases."

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